Business in Brief

We are an international real estate organisation with over 25 years of experience. Up until May 2016, Vastint was part of the Inter IKEA Group of companies. Since then the structure of Inter IKEA Group has changed and the business has been divided. The purpose of the change is to enhance business focus and efficiency. There are now two separate groups with separate holding companies, boards and management: - Inter IKEA Holding B.V. in the Netherlands is the holding company of the IKEA related business. - Interogo Holding AG in Switzerland is the holding company of the investment businesses focusing on two main areas: Property Investments through Vastint Holding B.V. and Financial Investments. For more information about Interogo Holding AG, please visit The goal of Vastint is to create long-term value through property investments. The cornerstones of our operations are the management of portfolio properties and the development of commercial real estate, including residential development and sales. Even though the investment business has been separated from the IKEA related business, we share the same heritage and values which reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of Ingvar Kamprad. Vastint seeks to contribute to his vision “to create a better everyday life for the many people”. We do this by developing and maintaining comfortable and sustainable living, working and leisure environments.

Our Brand

Vastint is the abbreviation for “Vastgoed International”, which is Dutch for “International real estate”. Our brand stands for: Commitment We are committed to fulfilling our purpose, our tasks and our promises towards our stakeholders. Efficiency We strive to use resources in an efficient way by being cost conscious and seeking simplicity in our solutions. Ethics We behave in an ethical manner and do what is right. We never accept corruption or other illicit behaviour, neither from our co-workers nor our business partners. Integrity We are consistent in our behaviour and we base our actions on our common sense, our purpose and our values. Professionalism We always act in a professional manner. We believe in what we do, take pride in our work and carry out our responsibilities to the best of our ability. Reliability We are reliable and honest. Our stakeholders have trust in us, our words and our actions. Sustainability We work towards positive long term social, economical and environmental solutions and developments. Togetherness We work together in order to accomplish great things – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Social Responsibility

Vastint works towards positive long term social, economical and environmental solutions and developments. All new buildings and refurbishments shall have an environmental certification, preferably according to internationally recognised certification systems. As high certification as reasonably possible shall be strived for, taking into consideration the circumstances of the individual project and the overall market situation.

Our History

We started out with acquisitions of existing portfolios and have since then transformed into an experienced property developer. Our activities have been spread throughout Europe by the establishment of offices in various countries. There have been quite some milestones during our more than 25 year long history. You will find some of them on the following timeline.


Key Figures

Following are some key figures regarding Vastint Group.

Rentable square meters per market 31. Dec 2016:

VB 44000m2
VN 259000m2
VP 240000m2
VLi 35000m2
VLa 14000m2
VR 72000m2
VUK 2000m2
VH 120000m2
  • VB
  • VN
  • VP
  • VLi
  • VLa
  • VR
  • VUK
  • VH

Key figures (as at 31 December 2016):

Year Leased buldings (Nb) Developed markets (Nb) Developed properties (Tm2) Under construction (Tm2) Total assets (€ mil) Total revenues (€ mil) Co-workers (year average) (Nb)