Vastint – the joint name of the units in the Inter IKEA Property Division

The Inter IKEA Property Division announces the rebranding of its nine business units under the name Vastint. Rebranding is a natural step to support the development of the organisation and its activities, and to enable the organisation’s future growth plans.

As of today, the nine business units of the Inter IKEA Property Division; Galliford (Belgium), Pronam (the Netherlands), SwedeCenter (Poland), Pinus Proprius (Lithuania), Larix Property (Latvia), Interprime Properties (Romania), LandProp (UK), Vastint Land (across Europe) and Inter Hospitality (across Europe), are brought together under the joint name Vastint.

Vastint Holding B.V. is the holding company of the Inter IKEA Property Division, which company was established in 1989 in the Netherlands. Vastint is the abbreviation for “Vastgoed Internationaal”, which is Dutch for “International real estate”. It combines the Dutch roots with the heritage of 25 years of experience within real estate investments and developments.

The Vastint trademark provides the Inter IKEA Property Division with a basis from which the activities can continue to be expanded during the years to come. The use of a common trademark will strengthen the position as a well-known international, professional and reliable real estate owner and developer.