MOXY Hotels is Marriott’s brand focused on the rapidly growing 3-star-tier segment. The hotel brand sets out to revolutionize the traditional economy hotel experience.

Moxy offers a new way of traveling in which smaller is concentration, not reduction. In which affordability is not a sacrifice of style, nor a loss of comfort.

Moxy is not defined by its affordability, but by its attitude and style. It is this attitude and style sets Moxy apart – it’s rooted in the meaning of ‘moxy’ in popular language: ‘the ability to face difficulty with high energy, spirit and courage’. The Urban Dictionary says it in short: ‘If you’ve got guts, you’ve got moxy…’

Moxy guests are well versed in how to travel in today’s tech enabled world. They are value-conscious and seek out chic spaces and smart design, never sacrificing style for affordability. They choose a brand that is fun and youthful in spirit, fashion forward in design, and ahead of the curve in technology

It takes moxie to create Moxy – a design-led, experiential, budget hotel. Designed as a hotel to excite the next generation of travelers.

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