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From the top of its ribboned façade to the bottom of its concrete polished floors, from to floor-to-ceiling art walls to the smart, iconic guest walls, Moxy design and style is seriously considered and playfully executed. As an extension of Moxy’s youthful and uncompromising voice, design is crisp, earthy and fun. Moxy materials are natural and interesting, lighting is always appropriate and sometimes inventive.

The furniture is comfortable, mixing colors and shapes with confidence.  Moxy design means contrast, because contrast takes courage: design combined refined and raw; forms are both organic and linear. Moods go from studious to sexy.

The public space is divided into 4 zones.

Zone 1 – Also known as the peace and quiet zone, this area is designed for undisturbed solo or mellow small-group pursuits. Think introvert: engaging mind, quiet voice.

Zone 2 – A little more active. The Welcome, which incorporates entry and living room features balances what needs to happen now with what might happen next. Check-in, check-out, hang out.

Zone 3 – Now things are starting to heat up. The colour pops, lights sparkle and so does the mood.

Zone 4 – This is where the buzz lives. The ultimate conversation pit mashes with the high energy DJ-driven party space.

Lay out


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