Business Garden Vilnius is featured in LEED in Europe showcase on LinkedIn

Business Garden Vilnius is featured in LEED in Europe showcase on LinkedIn

We are delighted to announce that Business Garden Vilnius is featured in this year’s #LEEDinEurope showcase, for holding the highest LEED scores in Europe this year.

Sustainability has been a natural part of our operations and everyday life for a long time. Resulting in obtaining a total of 45 LEED Platinum and 30 LEED Gold certifications. And counting!

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The highest LEED scores in Europe in 2022 so far belong to Business Garden Vilnius. Buildings A and B on the tidy office campus five kilometres west of the Lithuanian capital’s old town each certified with 95 points in January. Only 11 certifications in our region have scored better! Ever.

But high achievement by developer Vastint with the Business Garden portfolio is not unusual. Indeed, three of those 11 belong to BG Bucharest, which scored 96, 97 and 98 on buildings in 2019. Overall, the BG portfolio now includes 30 LEED Platinum certifications (and one Gold) spread across Poland, Latvia, Romania and here in Lithuania with an average score of 88 points.

“LEED is an important sustainability guide for our developments,” the Vastint team told us via email earlier this autumn. “It gives a good overview of relevant topics to address during our design process and makes it easier to understand what needs to happen.”

Oliver Pearce’s sustainability team at WSP has supported Vastint with all 31 of their Business Garden certifications, an effort spanning 10 years into the early days of LEED in Europe. “At first there were certainly challenges in understanding the requirements and how they related to national standards in so many different countries,” he says, “but it helped a lot that Vastint had such a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve.” Their consistency, he notes, was key to the widespread high quality.

Mr. Pearce recommends Vastint’s approach: aligning development best practices with certification requirements as early in the design process as possible, creating standards for the portfolio from the outset and a clear path to certification. “It is cheaper and easier to ensure LEED features are just standard practice,” he says, “than to include them as add-ons later in the design.”

The Vastint team now describes sustainability as a “natural” part of their operations. So are top-rated buildings. And with six more Business Garden buildings readying in the LEED certification pipeline, the superlative status held by Business Garden Vilnius A & B may not hold for long.