Vastint Latvia project: Magdelenas kvartals residential building Antonijas 17A

Vastint Latvia has completed the first stage of construction and began apartment sales for Magdelēnas kvartāls in Riga’s historical centre. The 2.5-hectare quarter is the only mixed-use project of this size in the city centre. It is being built completely from scratch, creating a carefully considered, comfortable and sustainable place to live, work and relax.

The quarter is located in the quiet centre between Antonijas, E.Melngaiļa and Strēlnieku streets. The first stage includes construction of two residential buildings with 116 apartments, including seven Live-Work units where stairs connect a second-floor living space with a first-floor work space. It also includes three commercial premises of various sizes, parking space for 73 cars and six garages. In total, the quarter will boast 300 apartments, 16,500 m2 of office space and 4,500 m2 of commercial space.

The author of the quarter’s idea and first buildings Gatis Didrihsons, and architect Ansis Klīdzējs admit: “Creating a new structure in Riga’s historical centre is a real challenge for all parties involved in the project – being conscious of and combining both the cultural and historical values of the surrounding constructions, as well as the contemporary demands of modern city life. We are pleased to see and experience how Magdelēnas kvartāls has transformed from ideas and sketches into a modern residential space.”

Keeping in mind comfort and quality of life of residents between both buildings a 2000 m2 car-free green garden has been created. Residents have access to a children’s playground and a sports area. Private outdoor space is created by 6-9 m2 balconies and up to 23 m2 terraces. The apartments are light and spacious – this is ensured by large windows, which for the most part face both sides of the building, as well as 2.95 m high ceilings. In turn, the carefully considered and correctly-proportioned apartment plans allow for more functionality in less square meters.

The buildings were built using the highest quality building and finishing materials, and carefully considering all solutions used as well. This is affirmed by the “Best Commercial Object” award nomination for “Most Sustainable Project in Latvia 2017”, which the recently commissioned project received in September 2017.

Author of the buildings and interior premises – Gatis Didrihsons from Didrihsons arhitekti Ltd. General contractor – Merks Ltd.