Industry Award Season in 2022 Gives Two Causes for Celebration

Each year industry professionals await the autumn with much anticipation, since it is the awards season and time to look back at what has been done. And this September has brought Vastint Latvia two causes for celebration.

First, at the annual Sustainability in Architecture, Construction and Design competition, organised by the Building Design and Construction Council in Latvia, Vastint-developed residential quarter Lindenholma was awarded 1st place in the Most Sustainable Landscaping category.

The extraordinary expert team for this project consisted of the authors of the landscaping project Labie Koki projekti, the architects Didrihsons arhitekti and Linia, roads and paving experts Transportbūvju konsultācijas and electrical engineers A.I.D.E. inženieri. Water supply project was developed by the engineers from Jensen Consult un Arhis Inženieri. Companies that carried out landscaping works on site: Pēterdārzs, Kvinta BCL, Gumi mix Group, Labie koki, Autoceļi, Bau ID, SANART.

“We are truly proud of the fact that every single Vastint Latvia project has received an industry award. But each new award also adds to our professional responsibility, as it sets the bar even higher for us,” comments Romans Astahovs, the managing director of Vastint Latvia.

Second, the multi-storey car park at 27 Daibes iela was recognised as one of the best recently built public constructions. It was awarded 3rd place in the Public Construction — Industrial Building category at the Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2021 competition.

Vastint Latvia would like to thank the developers of the architectural design from Linia, structural engineers from Deprom, authors of the electrical systems A. Ābeles inženieru birojs, landscaping architects from Alps ainavu darbnīca, designers of the roads and pavements parts IE.LA inženieri, water and sewage engineers from Aqua-Brambis, acoustics experts from Akukon, fire safety engineers Ugunsdrošības risinājumu birojs, as well as companies involved in construction process: Deprom LV, Dakstiņu Jumti, Tehnodizains, Alpinbau Group, Koro Būve, Menard, Rigensi, Pēterdārzs, Toget, Bau ID, Proklimats, Akva Būve.

“Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the experts who took part in our projects,” adds Romans, acknowledging the input made by Vastint’s partners, “We are incredibly lucky to be working with people whose talent and dedication allow us to achieve new heights as a company each year.”