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Business Garden Rīga is a new office building campus in Pārdaugava with more than 70,000 m² of modern and comfortable office space, a mobility point for convenient and effective commuting, and a wide range of amenities located right on campus.

70,000 m² of office space

Strategic location in Pārdaugava

LEED Platinum certificate

The first phase of Business Garden Rīga, commissioned in August 2019, includes two office buildings with more than 14,000 m² of leasable area and a green zone with areas for recreational activities, a basketball court, and a table tennis area. The Mobility Point has also been established, with parking spots for 200 bicycles as well as for 109 cars underground and 504 cars above ground; as well as a CityBee and CarGuru car rental zone. The private child daycare facility Patnis has already opened in one of the buildings, and the first Vastint Lounge and a daytime cafeteria are in the works. In the second phase of construction, three more buildings will be added with more than 27,000 m² of office space and an increase in amenities available to tenants and guests of the campus: a conference centre, co-working spaces, a fitness club, a café, and more spacious Vastint Lounge. During construction of the second-phase buildings, the Mobility Point will also be significantly expanded with: additional parking spaces for both private vehicles and car sharing services; docking stations for publicly shared bicycles, electric scooters and riding scooters; electric automobile charging stations; a parcel delivery terminal; and changes in public transport routes, including a direct bus to central transportation hubs. The third phase of construction will introduce buildings with an additional 27,000 m² of office space, enlargement of the green zone, and even more amenities available to tenants. The concept behind the Business Garden Rīga campus has already been implemented by Vastint in several European cities. Business Garden projects stand out with an advantageous location that is close to both the airport and the city centre, and with buildings designed on a people-friendly scale providing optimal daylight and a wide range of amenities. Each Business Garden project includes a large green garden and areas for sport and recreation, and offers tenants expansion opportunities as the complex is developed in several stages.

Additional information

• Flexible office layout • Up to 2,700 m² of office space on one floor • Full interior finishings • Suspended ceilings and raised floors • Openable windows • 24/7 security • Lifts • Air conditioning and ventilation • Energy-efficient solutions to reduce maintenance costs • Access control • Fast and easy transit to Riga International Airport and Riga city centre • Direct access to central trunk roads as Kārļa Ulmaņa Avenue, Lielirbes Street and Kalnciema Street


The campus is found on Malduguņu iela 4, a strategic location between Riga Airport and the city centre that conveniently provides both fresh air and a well-developed infrastructure. Access to the complex is facilitated by a specially constructed local traffic lane and public transport stops located next to the campus. The surrounding area has a well-developed business environment – shopping and entertainment centres, office buildings, and active recreation facilities: fitness clubs, tennis courts, and indoor volleyball and ice arenas.

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Jurģis Buliņš

Property Manager

T: +371 2880 0570


Available space:

Building M1

  • Level / 5 320 m²

Building M2

  • Level / 5 477 m²

Building M3

  • Level / 7 140 m²

Building M4

  • Level / 13 181 m²

Building M5

  • Level / 7 140 m²