Vastint Latvia starts construction of the third phase of Magdelēnas kvartāls

Vastint Latvia starts construction of the third phase of Magdelēnas kvartāls

On 13 October this year, a time capsule with a message for future generations was placed in the foundations of the future residential building at 4C Strēlnieku Street, symbolically launching the construction of the third phase of Magdelēnas kvartāls.

The ceremony was attended by 60 guests, who were addressed by Romāns Astahovs, managing director of Vastint Latvia; Juris Mitenbergs, founder and leading architect of the AB3D architectural office; and Sergejs Frolovs, executive director of Būvuzraugi LV and main construction supervisor of the project.

Today we are continuing the story of the development of Magdelēnas kvartāls that started several years ago.  Alongside the numerous expert awards received by the first-phase buildings, the most evident appreciation of our effort is the high demand for apartments in the now fully sold-out quarter. This proves that we are on the right track and inspires us to continue pursuing the development of the quarter. Together with the construction of the second phase, which started this spring, the rental building at 4C Strēlnieku Street will clearly mark the edge of the quarter, turning the current void into a modern and well-maintained environment with everything needed for fulfilling life, work and leisure,” said Romāns Astahovs, managing director of Vastint Latvia.

The project of the residential building at 4C Strēlnieku Street was developed by the winner of an open architectural competition organised by Vastint Latvia: the AB3D architectural office headed by architect Juris Mitenbergs. The building will offer for long-term rent 57 fully equipped modern apartments, providing uncompromising comfort, energy efficiency and safety in accordance with Vastint’s international quality standards.

Pēteris Spuriņš, architect at AB3D, described the new project as a contemporary interpretation of the historic architecture of the Quiet Centre in Riga. “By putting humans at the centre and avoiding both monotony and excessive decorativeness, our aim was to achieve a result with high functional value and emotional impact, which could serve as a model for contemporary architecture respectful of tradition,” the architect emphasised.

Sergey Frolov, construction supervisor for the second and third phases of Magdelēnas kvartāls, said at the ceremony that year after year the quarter has demonstrated strategic and thoughtful development of the most important part of Riga’s Quiet Centre, meeting the needs of modern individuals and families for quality housing, workspaces and easily accessible services. “This synergy allows the residents of Magdelēnas kvartāls to live a fuller life with less time spent commuting. The new apartment block at 4C Strēlnieku Street is a modern residential building that marks the boundary of the quarter from Antonijas Street to Strēlnieku Street and is yet another opportunity to make Riga a better place to live”, Frolovs concluded.

To ensure energy efficiency and sustainability, the building at 4C Strēlnieku Street will be constructed from three-layer prefabricated reinforced concrete with a layer of thermal insulation incorporated into it. The production of the concrete in a factory-controlled environment with a uniform climate means higher precision and better thermal insulation. As a result, the building will boast an ultra-low thermal energy consumption of 38 kWh/m2 per year and is set to qualify for an A-level energy performance certificate.

Residents’ comfort will also be ensured by high-quality sound insulation, individual air handling units with up to 85% heat recovery, trusted fire safety solutions and an automated building management system (BMS).

The construction of the rental building at 4C Strēlnieku Street is a continuation of the development of Magdelēnas kvartāls, which started in 2015. Two first-phase buildings totaling 116 apartments were completed in 2018, and the construction of the second-phase office buildings at 17 and 21 Antonijas Street is currently underway.

Magdelēnas kvartāls is a new type of living and working space in the Quiet Centre of Riga, offering modern housing, Class A offices and easily accessible services for a fulfilling life. The first-phase buildings were awarded first place in the Latvian Construction Annual Awards in the category “New Residential Building”, first place in the “Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2018” in the category “New Residential Building”, and first place in the Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia 2021 competition between new apartment buildings, as well as receiving other awards from industry experts. The building at 4C Strēlnieku Street is planned to be put into use in the summer of 2025.