Vastint Latvia to develop Ezerparks – a 19-hectare property in Čiekurkalns

Vastint Latvia to develop Ezerparks – a 19-hectare property in Čiekurkalns

On Thursday, April 25th, a public discussion meeting on local planning was held, organized by the City Development Department of Riga City Council (RDPAD). The meeting took place in video conference mode and was streamed on the website, as well as on the municipality’s Facebook account – Riga attīstās.

Ezerparks is a 19-hectare property in Čiekurkalns, between Rusova Street, Ķīšezera Street, Talejas Street, and Cirīša Street. The developer Vastint Latvia plans to start construction of the first 500 apartments within three to four years, out of approximately 1,800 planned for the entire project.

The Ezerparks property is intended for the development of a modern residential quarter with multi-apartment buildings and a complex of office buildings covering an area of ​​33,400 square metres. Additionally, a publicly accessible three-hectare park-like area is planned with convenient infrastructure and high-quality amenities, including bike paths, children’s playgrounds, sports fields, picnic, and leisure areas.

“The project’s development programme is planned to be implemented in several stages, taking into account socio-economic development trends, approximately over a ten-year period. The project envisions approximately 1,800 apartments in multi-apartment residential buildings, thus becoming a new home for around 4,000 residents,” says Romāns Astahovs, Managing Director of Vastint Latvia.

Between the multi-apartment buildings, pedestrian corridors are planned, which will be free from construction and will not be fenced off. This innovative approach to creating an internal park zone within the quarter with separately integrated building volumes will serve as an example of open, publicly accessible areas in a modern urban environment.

“According to the long-term development strategy of Riga city, the Ezerparks property is located within the Priority Development Areas, so one of the main objectives of this project is to make Riga even more attractive and enjoyable for its residents,” explains Romāns Astahovs, adding that the public park-like area with greenery, modern design, walking and active leisure opportunities that will permeate the area will be the heart and identity of the Ezerparks project.

Vastint Latvia acquired the property in 2019. Over the course of more than two years, they assembled a team of professional local and international experts, and conducted a thorough analysis of the territory to prepare a sustainable development concept. So far, the local plan has received approval from eight out of eleven institutions for the construction of a multifunctional residential and business complex.

The public discussion of the local plan takes place from April 11th of this year to May 14th. The full set of local plan materials and information on submitting proposals are available on the national unified geoportal:

The explanatory article on the local plan for Ezerparks is available here: 

The property owner and proposer of the local plan is Ltd. Vastint Latvia. The developer of the local plan is Ltd. Grupa 93.