Business Garden Poznan attracts new tenants

Vastint Poland signed three leases for office space in Business Garden Poznań. The existing group of tenants of this innovative project was joined by Homag Polska, Zodiac Gym, which is planning to open the Befit club in its new location this summer, and a company operating in the food retail industry. The total office space that has been leased amounts to approximately 3,000 m2.“We hope that another two leases will be signed soon, completing the commercialisation process relating to the first phase of the project. We are already conducting talks with prospective clients of the Phase 2 buildings being developed in the immediate neighbourhood. This stage is planned to be commissioned in the first quarter of next year. Due to the efficient floor plans and the scale of the project, we are able to adjust the offer to new tenants’ needs and support the development of the present tenants, with the possibility for them to expand within the complex”, says Magdalena Makuch, Leasing Manager Vastint Poland.Business Garden Poznan, developed by Vastint, is located within the area delimited by the following streets: Marcelińska, Kolorowa, Pastelowa and Bułgarska in the Poznań Marcelin district. Presently, the second phase of the project is being developed. After its completion, the real estate market will grow by five office buildings with a total area of 46,000 m2. The complex which will ultimately consist of nine office buildings with a total area exceeding 88,000 m2, offers ideal business process support systems and development of operating centres of companies from the BPO, SSC and IT sectors.

The surroundings of the complex are designed in the form of a large garden containing work and relaxation zones with sports facilities. The project further ensures convenient access to the city infrastructures and a number of amenities and services for tenants. The project features solutions for reducing energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and quantities of generated waste, which is confirmed by the LEED Platinum certification granted to the existing buildings.