Business Garden Riga plans a second construction phase and announces new tender

Vastint Latvia is planning to launch its second phase of construction for Business Garden Riga – the company’s office campus project. Vastint Latvia is in the process of selecting construction partners. After the second phase, the campus will have five office buildings with over 40,000 m2 of leasable space and a much broader range of services.

Business Garden Riga is a new and multifunctional office campus. The first project phase was completed in Summer of 2019 when Business Garden Riga opened two new office buildings with over 14,000 m2 of leasable area. The completed office buildings already boast a private kindergarten and a micro-mobility point for bicycles and scooters, with a new-concept restaurant and multifunctional lounge-type premises designed for business, socializing and networking coming soon. Business Garden Riga has recently welcomed the car rental and leasing company SIXT soon to be followed by the teams of Aaro Systems AB and Weissenrieder & Co.

The second stage of construction is expected to produce three new five-story office buildings with 27,000 m2 of leasable space. Business Garden Riga plans to expand its range of services, including cafes, lounge-type premises, a conference centre, common use areas and a sports club.

As the campus grows, so does its garden. There are plans in place to enlarge the campus green area with more than 180 new plants, including a lot of new tall trees. For our tenants’ comfort, the second stage of construction will also include improvements of the existing mobility point and development of the extensive underground and above-ground car parks, that are designed to accommodate more than 800 cars.

The lead project architect Ansis Klīdzējs of Didrihsons arhitekti notes that Business Garden is the perfect name for this campus, because of how much work has been done to ensure that the environment around the office buildings is orderly and green. “We have focused as much of our attention on the garden, as on the layout of the buildings. An office is not just a place for work,” says Ansis Klīdzējs.

Commenting on the project continuity, he adds that as architects, “We are focused on ensuring that being at Business Garden Riga is a pleasant experience from start to finish and that the surrounding area can be fully utilized in the morning, during lunch breaks and after work.”

The priority during the first and second stages of construction is the well-being of potential tenants. All interiors are to be completed with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, ensuring good office air quality. “Because ventilation consumes considerable electricity resources, the second round will involve a free-cooling system”, the architect explains. “The main system principle is that cooler air gathered at night is used for the air conditioning system operation during the summer days. This helps us ensure that Business Garden Riga buildings satisfy the highest, A-class level of energy efficiency.”

The second stage of Business Garden Riga is a logical continuation of the existing office buildings in terms of their common visual aesthetic and functionality. Daylight is one of the characteristic elements of the campus offices, with as much attention devoted to it in the second round, as well. Our goal is to ensure a comfortable high-quality environment for our tenants – something that has a positive effect on productivity,” says Ansis Klīdzējs.