Business Garden Riga welcomes six new tenants

Business Garden Riga welcomes six new tenants

Six new tenants have recently joined Vastint Latvia’s Business Garden Riga community: ALD Automotive, an international full-service leasing and fleet management company; Forma 2, a construction supervision and project management services company; Philips, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic products; AMIT Baltic, a distributor of automotive software; Alfa Laval, a producer of industrial equipment, specialised products and engineering solutions; and a Luminor Bank branch.

The strategic location of Business Garden Riga was the decisive motivator for most of these newcomers. However, they also referenced the flexibility of the buildings, enabling custom office space design, and the wide range of amenities offered by the office campus, such as The Lounge, the accessible environment, ample parking with electric car charging points and micro-mobility options. The landscaped surroundings featuring outdoor dining and relaxation spots, as well as sports facilities, add to the long list of noted benefits.

“We appreciated the professional approach to the preparation of the office and the adaptation of the space to our needs. In particular, Business Garden Riga has been very flexible with us and our requirements. We also applaud their highly professional process management. Moreover, we were pleased with Business Garden Riga’s overall concept and their values, which resonate with our group’s policy towards a truly green, sustainable and environmentally friendly business,” says Mārcis Mauriņš, ALD Automotive Board Member.

Using this opportunity to have the office space designed according to their needs, most tenants have chosen a mixed layout concept, featuring both open-plan work areas and separate cubicles. Alfa Laval, however, opted for a closed-plan concept with all workstations located in individual rooms, while Philips went for an entirely open-space office with all workplaces located in one spacious work area. Both companies equally emphasised that their values and principles are closely aligned with those of Vastint and Business Garden Riga.

“The primary reason for choosing Business Garden Riga is that the project is in line with Philips’ values and quality requirements. Our office is not a huge one, so we are happy to take advantage of all the benefits available to Business Garden Rīga tenants, such as The Lounge,” says Agrita Vēvere, Commercial Organization Leader at Philips Baltic.

Forma 2 is also among the new tenants, a leading construction supervision and project management services company in Latvia that performed construction supervision for the Business Garden Riga office campus.

“We appreciate the high-quality standards of Business Garden Riga in all aspects: the choice of materials, the design of the space and the area around the office. We are happy to work in a place where so many extra amenities are available, making our daily life much easier,” says Jānis Zolbergs, Forma 2 Board Member, structural engineer and construction supervisor.

All the tenants have also said that they are looking forward to the warm months, when they will be able to fully appreciate the benefits of Business Garden’s thoroughly landscaped surroundings – the pleasure of having lunch outdoors, relaxing and working in the green courtyard, as well as indulging in physical activities on the specially equipped sports grounds. It is expected that by the coming summer, the Business Garden Riga community will have welcomed several other new members.

“We are happy to see the Business Garden Riga community grow. Extra value for the tenants is at the core of the Business Garden concept, and it’s a pleasure to see them appreciate the many amenities and opportunities we have introduced. We have already designed the buildings of the second construction phase that will cement the reputation of the Business Garden Riga neighbourhood as the most dynamic business campus on the left bank of Daugava,” sums up Romāns Astahovs, Managing Director of Vastint Latvia.