Business Garden Riga welcomes SIXT

Business Garden Riga welcomes SIXT

SIXT car rental and full-service auto leasing will join Business Garden Riga as a new tenant in September 2020. SIXT will open both an office and a customer service centre where it will be possible to rent vehicles. The SIXT office will be 323 m2 and its location, between the city centre and the airport, will ensure easy access for both local and international clients.

The SIXT Latvia team comprises 36 employees and has experienced significant growth in the last ten years. Thereby, the need for a larger office space in accordance with SIXT’s international standards.

“SIXT is a premium class service provider, which is why we were looking for high-class office space. Business Garden Riga can provide such premises and meet SIXT needs and visual standards. It is located in a strategically beneficial location – accessibility to both Riga Airport and the city centre is a significant advantage for customers and employees. It is important that the office is energy efficient and also sustainable for both nature and people. Business Garden Riga has an alluring concept which includes the one-stop-shop principle – employees will have access to all services provided by the office campus, including caterers, bookable conference rooms, leisure activities in the garden and even a kindergarten and fitness centre that will open during the next stage,” informs Arnis Jaunzems, Director of SIXT in the Baltics.

For SIXT, as a mobility service provider, the choice of office space was largely impacted by Business Garden Riga’s planned mobility point project. The goal of the project is to provide office members and neighbourhood residents with as many diverse and sustainable service options as possible. This will include a car-share zone, a broad spectrum of micro-mobility solutions (bicycle rental, electric scooter sharing point, etc.), electric car charging points and also expanded bicycle parking all-around the office campus. SIXT will open their office and car rental point for businesses and private clients in mid-September 2020.

Arnis Jaunzems, emphasizes that there are many new car dealerships near the new SIXT office – for full-service leasing clients visiting one of the car dealerships, the SIXT office will be easily accessible if necessary. Also, another SIXT office is located at Riga Airport, so both of these offices will be easily accessible.

“We increasingly recognize that fast-growing companies appreciate good quality and choose well-planned office spaces with long-term potential. I can say that SIXT’s choice is logical, because one of the advantages of Business Garden Riga’s concept is the location that provides excellent accessibility from the airport and the city centre, which is essential for most international businesses. The office campus is also located next to one of the city’s main streets – Kārļa Ulmaņa Gatve, from where it is possible to get anywhere needed. The presence of SIXT in the office campus will also be a great bonus for current clients of Business Garden Riga by providing access to rental car services just a few steps away,” informs Iveta Lāce, Development Director at CRBE Baltics, management company of Business Garden Riga.

The SIXT office will be unique with its new approach to provide employee comfort and productivity – the new office space will be divided into two zones – open and silent. Employees that are on the go will have the open workspace available, where there are options of working spaces based on the needs of the day, while in the quiet zone there will be monitors available that will be convenient for those who work with large amounts of data. A separate zone will be allocated for customer service and call centre employees.

Business Garden Riga is being developed in three stages, and in total will provide 70,000 m2 of modern office space. It is one of the largest office campuses of its type in Latvia, providing opportunities for clients to plan their development and expand within the campus.