Business Garden Warsaw achieved LEED Platinum

Business Garden Warsaw achieved LEED Platinum

Vastint Poland was recently awarded LEED Platinum certificates for five newly built buildings within Business Garden in Warsaw. The complex was designed and built using pro-ecological solutions aimed at achieving increased efficiency in the areas of energy saving, water consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and air quality control.

Roger Andersson, Managing Director of Vastint Poland commented: “Besides the office complexes in Poznan and Wroclaw, this is the third Business Garden in our portfolio which received the highest rating in the LEED system. We take the granted certificate as the objective proof that our business parks fit in with the concept of sustainable construction, are environmentally friendly and provide a healthy working environment for tenants.”

Business Garden has implemented several pro-ecological solutions that comply with LEED certification requirements. Among others, a comprehensive storm water management strategy has been implemented to manage runoff on the site. Storm water management features include rain gardens, retention ponds and infiltration boxes. These methods combined are expected to result in a reduction in storm water flows from the site of greater than 60%.

Also worth mentioning is the sustainable selection of materials. Over 30% (by cost) of materials used in the buildings were recycled, and 50% were regionally sourced, ensuring the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions generated by transport to the construction site.

The complex is characterized by a large share of green space. The construction of an underground car park made it possible to design green areas with pedestrian paths around the buildings. Its layout is landscaped and is a composition of native and locally adapted plant species, water ponds and small architectural elements. In addition, all feasible areas of the roofs of the building which do not have a roof terrace are vegetated with a sedum roof.

Finally, optimal parameters of the internal environment were ensured. Over 90% of spaces in the building have high levels of natural daylight, creating a pleasant indoor environment while minimizing the need for electric lighting.

Business Garden is located at one of the main arteries of the city near the centre of Warsaw. Available in the immediate vicinity of the project, the public transport system – including the SKM rail network and bus lines – provides relatively quick access to locations from any part of the city in peak hours. The project is also accessible by bike and offers facilities for bikers.

The multifunctional complex consists of seven office buildings with a total area of 90,000 m². The distinctive feature of this design concept is the state-of-art architecture and the open garden, where green areas provide relaxation zones and work areas with Wi-Fi access. Within Business Garden Warsaw there is a hotel with more than 200 rooms, a conference centre with eight rooms and a restaurant. Soon, in the new part of the complex, there will be a canteen, grocery store, fitness club and several service points.

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