Business Garden Wrocław achieved LEED-Platinum

Vastint Poland was awarded LEED-Platinum for the first phase of Business Garden Wrocław. The applied architectural solutions and implemented systems ensure a high comfort of working environment and at the same time reduce the energy and water consumption.

One of the key criteria of an environmentally-friendly construction is the presence of a large percentage of green areas. Consequently, the space between the buildings was planned as an extensive garden with relaxation and work zones, where tenants may rest or practice outdoor sports. A lot of attention was also given to ensuring high energy efficiency. This was achieved with effective service systems (HVAC, lighting) and efficient façade. Further, to minimize use of water the water-saving fixtures were installed. Finally, traffic is kept to a minimum thanks to easy access to public transport and facilities for cyclists.

Business Garden Wrocław is being constructed at Legnicka Street, in the vicinity of the shopping and leisure centre Magnolia and Mikołajów railway station, not far from the city centre. Ultimately, the complex will comprise nine office and retail buildings with a total leasable area of 117,000 m2. In addition to a restaurant pavilion located in the garden, the complex will feature a number of other amenities for tenants, including but not limited to a medical centre and a kindergarten. Tenants include companies such as Capgemini, Becton Dickinson and Dolby Laboratories.