Cornerstone ceremony for second phase of Vastint Latvia’s Magdelēnas kvartāls

Cornerstone ceremony for second phase of Vastint Latvia’s Magdelēnas kvartāls

On April 13, a time capsule with a message for future generations was laid at Antonijas iela 21 in the foundations of the second phase of the Magdelēnas kvartāls residential and business quarter under development by Vastint Latvia.

Since 2018, when the first phase of the quarter was completed, the project has won numerous awards for excellence and has become a landmark of Riga’s Embassy District. The second phase of construction, which will comprise two office buildings with a total of 10,200 m2 of office space and 1,495 m2 of commercial space, will significantly impact the future look of the quarter, forming the main gateway leading to the quarter’s central square.

The cornerstone ceremony, attended by up to 60 people, was headlined by the project’s leaders – Romāns Astahovs, Managing Director of Vastint Latvia, Pēteris Bajārs, architect of the second phase of Magdelēnas kvartāls (OUTOFBOX), and Sergejs Frolovs, Chief Construction Supervisor (Būvuzraugi LV Ltd.). They looked back at what has already been achieved in making Magdelēnas kvartāls a new type of living and working space in Riga’s historic centre, and outlined future objectives.

Romāns Astahovs, Managing Director of Vastint Latvia, expressed the determination to develop Magdelēnas kvartāls into a jewel of the Embassy District, despite ever-new challenges: “On this historic day, we are laying the foundations for the buildings that will become the main gateway to Magdelēnas kvartāls. Some will live here, some will work here, others will enjoy a well-landscaped environment in the heart of the city’s Quiet Centre. A place that has long stood empty is fast becoming a landmark of the neighbourhood thanks to our joint effort. We persevere despite the global challenges we face – the war in Ukraine, unprecedented high inflation and general economic uncertainty. Inspired by the success we have already achieved, today we are taking an important step towards making Magdelēnas kvartāls one of the most popular places in Riga and a bright example of a modern urban environment.”

Pēteris Bajārs, architect at OUTOFBOX, emphasised that the two buildings of the second phase will be the face of Magdelēnas kvartāls: “In the future, these buildings will be responsible for the first impression left by the quarter, as well as engage in a timeless dialogue with the historical Art Nouveau heritage of the neighbourhood. OUTOFBOX is honoured to be involved in this project, contributing to the transformation of Riga’s historic centre into a multifunctional, pedestrian-friendly, open and green environment, offering everything you need to live, work and rest.”

The project’s Chief Building Supervisor, Sergejs Frolovs (Būvuzraugi LV), said that the ceremony reflects on the factors that influence the future fate of new buildings: “Having worked in construction for many years, I have often asked myself why some buildings become magnets for people and even works of art, which are carefully restored as time passes, while others fall into oblivion unnoticed, making way for the new? Right now, thinking about Magdelēnas kvartāls, I have found the answer: buildings transmit values. These values are defined by the developer, but the synergy of all those involved in the process is necessary to transform the vision of values into reality. Values change with the times and today, we are embodying values that we hope future generations will appreciate and be proud of.”

As a testimony to the day of the ceremony, the April 13 issue of the Diena newspaper and a €2 coin were placed in the time capsule along with the message addressed to future generations.