Fitness club at Business Garden Warsaw

Vastint Poland has signed a lease agreement with Zdrofit, which operates a fitness club network in Warsaw. The fitness club, planned in the Business Garden complex at Żwirki i Wigury, will occupy nearly 1,000 m2. The tenants will be able to use the perfectly prepared training facilities from mid-2018.

Karolina Pawłowska, Leasing Manager Vastint Poland says: “Acquiring such an experienced partner is the next step in creating an even more friendly working environment for our tenants. We try to blur the rigid division between work and private life by organizing sport events as part of our Hospitality programme. These include recurring Bike Days, where employees can have their bikes repaired or prepared for the season free of charge, or the free bike rental programme, Ale Jazda. Last year, we launched the Sports Saturday initiative, proposing a combination of a breakfast market with healthy food and physical activities in the garden. Soon, our tenants will be able to enjoy physical activities in the gym at our newly opened fitness club.”