Four buildings comprising Business Garden Poznan Phase I have been certified LEED Platinum

Four buildings comprising Business Garden Poznan Phase I have been certified LEED Platinum

Vastint Poland was recently awarded LEED Platinum certificates for four buildings comprising the first stage of the Business Garden in Poznan. The project was pre-certified LEED Core & Shell Gold, but the implemented technical solutions and choice of materials produced a higher level final certification.

“To my knowledge, Business Garden Poznan is one of the first projects in Poland located outside the city centre, which received this highest certification. Points obtained have mainly been awarded for the high standard of buildings and solutions reducing energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and quantities of produced waste and for our commitment to achieving high-quality work environments,” said Roger Andersson, Managing Director of Vastint Poland.

Of particular interest in the complex, are the solutions for effectively managing water and energy consumption. Thus, the combination of extensive plants and domestic plant types well-adjusted to local weather conditions minimises the heat island effect, contributes to local biological diversity, and minimises water consumption to the extent that no permanent watering system is needed. At the same time, rainwater is retained on the roofs and in special tanks. This helps to limit the quantity of rainwater that is discharged to the municipal sewer system whereas in case of heavy rain surrounding streets would be flooded. Furthermore, the taps installed in the toilets are designed to restrict the flow of water and saves up to 6.8 million litres of water per year. It is also worth noting that thanks to the quality and high energy efficiency rating of the façade materials and the use of appropriate technical solutions, the buildings use 46% less energy than typical office buildings designed in line with ASHRAE requirements.

Business Garden is located in the Marcelin District of Poznan, at the intersection of Marcelińska and Bułgarska streets. In the future, the complex will comprise nine modern office buildings. The first four buildings with a leasable area of 42,000 m2 out of the planned 80,000 m2, were commissioned at the beginning of this year. They are compact, with vast green areas and a rich range of additional amenities such as a kindergarten or a restaurant.

The office spaces are flexible and can be adapted or expanded to suit business needs, thus the park offers ideal conditions for business process outsourcing (BPO) and shared service solution (SSC) companies.

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