Fratelli Group opens four new locations in Timpuri Noi Square

Vastint Romania together with Fratelli Group have become partners in the beautiful initiative to transform the central area of Timpuri Noi into a self-sufficient destination. It is a complex investment that involves the opening of four Fratelli signature concepts, including Biutiful Downtown and Fratellini Bistro, all within the retail component of Timpuri Noi Square mixed-use development, on a rentable area of about 2,200 m², out of which 600 m² of terraces in the plaza and esplanade public areas. CBRE was the binding agent for the transaction.

Timpuri Noi Square is planned to reach over 100,000 m² leasable area, so we can say it is the largest office park in Romania. In addition, the complex will comprise a generous retail area, as well as 50,000 m² of living space.
Fratellini Bistro will be the natural choice for breakfast, lunch, a savory coffee or the five o’clock tea, for business meetings or socializing with colleagues and friends anytime throughout the day. Biutiful Downtown is going to offer a place of meeting and evening relaxation after work or during weekends, an open and welcoming space for moments with friends. Both concepts will be located in Timpuri Noi Offices 1, occupying the entire retail area on the ground floor, plaza and mezzanine, while the cafeteria concept will be accommodated in Timpuri Noi Offices 2.

“Fratelli Group will make its largest investment so far. Our intentions for expansion in this area are not new, yet we started the project now, when the mix of locations we develop can become a permanent destination both for serving breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as for leisure, a more complex approach of all we have to offer”, mentions Silviu Talpau, Managing Partner Fratelli Group.

Regarding the strategic aspects of the investment, Antoniu Panait, Managing Director at Vastint Romania, notes that “the partnership with Fratelli is an important step in carrying out the mission we took on, to contribute to the revitalization of the Timpuri Noi area and to create a space full of positive energy, where you feel good both during working hours as well as in your spare time after work or on weekends. The central area is very well connected in terms of public transportation, with easy access and carrying a trademark, a vibe of its own.”

“It is a new experience both for us and for our guests, and the association with our partners at Vastint is extraordinary. Not only through the alliance of <love brands> as well as in terms of the know-how and determination to build projects with real impact on increasing the quality of life.” – Daniel Caramihai, Owner Fratelli Group.
Fratelli is a successful brand, 100% Romanian, which continues to grow in areas that have made it well-known. It covers concepts from clubbing and nightlife, to going-out and food experiences during the day with the opening of Biutiful Downtown (Old Town) and By The Lake, Fratellini Bistro and Uanderful (Northern Bucharest), or participation in major events based on music, street food and more.

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