GetJet Airlines settled in Business Garden Vilnius

GetJet Airlines settled in Business Garden Vilnius

GetJet Airlines, a prominent airline company, has recently relocated to new premises in Business Garden Vilnius. With over 130 dedicated employees, the company has settled comfortably into a vast 2,100 m2 office space.

The selection of Business Garden Vilnius as their new home was a well-thought-out decision made by GetJet Airlines. The strategic convenience of the business center’s location played a significant role, offering ease of access to Vilnius airport and the city center in under 10 minutes. This prime location is especially convenient for employees commuting from various parts of the city.

The newly acquired office space, spanning an expansive 2,100 m2, has been designed to cater to the present and future needs of the company’s employees. The ongoing pandemic has significantly influenced employee expectations for their work environment, and the spacious and modern office at Business Garden Vilnius meets these heightened demands perfectly.

This move to larger, modern premises not only signifies the success of GetJet Airlines’ endeavors but also highlights the company’s commitment to creating attractive and stable workplaces. By investing in a spacious and contemporary office space, GetJet Airlines demonstrates its dedication to employee satisfaction and sets a precedent for the industry.

The transition to Business Garden Vilnius serves as a testament to the airline company’s focus on progress and provides a flourishing environment for current and future employees.