Lease extension at Vastint France’s Domaine Vallée Verte

Lease extension at Vastint France’s Domaine Vallée Verte

Vastint France has happy tenants. At Domaine Vallée Verte in Marseille, Veolia currently occupies 720 m2 in the Bourbon 1 building, but soon they will move to Bourbon 2 and extend their surface to 1,930 m2 offices on two levels.

Domaine Vallée Verte

Domaine Vallée Verte consists of ~31.000 m2 in offices, light logistics and laboratories in four existing properties: Bourbon, Moka, Peaberry, Skybury.

Originally a Nestlé production site, Bourbon and Peaberry are both listed buildings designed by architects Egger and Pouillon, proving an insight into the historical past of the site.

The service-oriented approach of the Club Vallée Verte offers two restaurants (self-service and seated menu), conference rooms, sports facilities, crèche and conciergerie services attending to all requests.

The protected forest at the heart of the Domaine motivates employees to enjoy the picnic areas and natural walk paths.

Vastint France acquired the existing properties at Domaine Vallée Verte as part of a broader acquisition of 16 Ha, including 7 Ha land to develop Business Garden Marseille.