Lindenholma residential quarter continues to offer apartments for rent and purchase reservation

Lindenholma residential quarter continues to offer apartments for rent and purchase reservation

Now that the first phase of construction and finishing work is complete at the Lindenholma premium residential quarter developed by Vastint Latvia, apartments are available to prospective tenants and buyers. The first phase of construction at Lindenholma includes six residential buildings, with 209 apartments in a variety of configurations. Lindenholma is slated to eventually include a total of 660 apartments across 19 buildings.

Lindenholma is a new residential quarter on the border of Riga and Mārupe, situated in one of Riga’s most sought-after residential neighbourhoods. Lindenholma’s advantage over all the other new developments in this part of the city is the refreshing variety of buildings with lush outdoor spaces – 36% of its area is occupied by buildings and 54% is devoted to car-free green parkland. The project combines the efficiency of urban multi-tenement buildings with a suburban vibe and elements of private houses. The first phase of construction included six residential buildings with 107 apartments and 12 urban villa units for rent, as well as 90 apartments for sale. There is also one smaller building, housing the commercial premises of a wine studio.

Sheltered by the buildings, green courtyards provide plenty of opportunities for active leisure – four playgrounds for small children and young people, outdoor training equipment, and sports fields – and plenty of space for peaceful recreation immediately around the buildings. The courtyards offer a great variety of plant life as well: more than 100 trees and 14,400 bushes and other plants have been planted there. Each apartment comes with a spacious balcony (up to 13.6 m2), while the urban villa apartments have adjoining terraces of up to 46 m2. The apartments are all fully finished with high-quality materials. The basements of Lindenholma buildings provide individual storage spaces, lockable bicycle storage, and a common-use laundry room. Rental prices at Lindenholma range from € 550 to € 1,400 for apartments and from € 1,500 for urban villa units. Apartments are available for purchase at € 120,000 – € 270,000.

The Lindenholma project was designed by the team of SIA Didrihsons arhitekti, headed by Gatis Didrihsons and Ansis Klīdzējs. The technical design was developed by Arvīds Līkops and Kristaps Blaubergs at SIA Linia. The building interiors were designed by Svjatoslavs Aļeiņikovs of SIA in4 design ideas. The general contractor was SIA Deprom LV, with SIA Forma 2 in charge of construction supervision. The landscaping project was developed by SIA Labie koki and implemented by the specialists at SIA Pēterdārzs.

Gatis Didrihsons, SIA ‘Didrihsons arhitekti’: “Lindenholma is a project we have been working on since 2011. It’s all about a powerful connection with the outdoors, closeness to nature, and the many ways to enjoy it. The project embodies the things people really need, without any excess, achieving a balance between aesthetics and functionality.”

The first 30 tenants have already moved into Lindenholma having signed rental contracts, and prospective buyers are concluding reservation agreements priced at 1% of the purchase total. Purchase agreements will be signed after legally dividing the buildings into individual apartment properties, which will take another two months.

Lindenholma’s commitment to quality and sustainability has been confirmed by two industry awards – 2nd place in the New Construction – Residential Building category at the Latvian Construction Annual Awards 2020, and 3rd place in the Most Sustainable Project 2020 category in the Sustainability in Architecture, Construction, Design 2020 competition. Currently project Lindenholma is one of 11 finalists for the Latvian Architecture Annual Award 2021.

The area surrounding Lindenholma is undergoing rapid development, growing into a new part of the city that will offer a comfortable environment for life, work, and leisure, with infrastructure that will perfectly suit residents, office workers, neighbours, and visitors alike. In late 2020, construction permits were secured for subsequent phases of development, and the office of Didrihsons arhitekti is already working on the designs. In the phases to follow, the development of car-free green spaces and 13 diverse buildings housing 457 apartments will continue. Right next to Lindenholma is Business Garden Riga – one of the largest office campuses in Pārdaugava (the part of Riga located on the left bank of the river Daugava), which has also now gone through the first stage of construction and is awaiting a new phase of development. Very close by, at Daibes iela 27, a new multi-story car park is under construction to accommodate vehicles belonging to Business Garden Riga tenants and their guests, as well as those of Lindenholma residents.