Three new tenants join the Business Garden Riga community

Three new tenants join the Business Garden Riga community

Three new tenants have started working in the office campus Business Garden Riga developed by Vastint Latvia – forestry group Baltu koks, alcoholic beverage producer and distributor Anora, and hybrid working company IWG, which has opened the international Regus brand workspace center Regus Business Garden in partnership with Vastint Latvia.

For all three tenants, Business Garden was the obvious solution when looking for modern office space. The key consideration, along with sustainable solutions, a comfortable working and leisure environment, and the many advantages available to the tenants, was the convenient location of the office complex, which is equally accessible from the city centre and the airport.

“In the age of hybrid working, companies no longer want to be based in the city centre,” says Jekaterīna Kosmačeva, IWG Manager for the Baltics, Georgia and Belarus. “It is important to work where it is more convenient, while the status associated with a centrally located office is becoming less and less important. The Covid pandemic profoundly changed not only the real estate market but also the way companies work. Business Garden fits perfectly with the new perceptions of a good working environment – in terms of strategic location, quality, and facilities. That’s why, when we created the first Regus workspace center in Pārdaugava, we didn’t have to think twice about its location. Our clients, who visit several workspace centers, likewise do not want to look further when they come to Regus Business Garden.”

Regus Business Garden, created in partnership with Vastint Latvia, offers its clients 38 fully equipped private offices, two meeting rooms, 12 coworking spaces, as well as a membership programme that allows them to use Regus’ extensive network of offices, coworking, and business lounge spaces around the world. Regus Business Garden’s 1,077 m² of space is equipped with ergonomic work and lounge furniture. Interiors are decorated in a variety of colours, using sustainable, eco-friendly materials and enhancing employee productivity.

Anora, a producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages, moved to the 300 m2 premises in Business Garden from another office center in Pārdaugava. Anora’s Country Manager for the Baltics Imre Avalo says: “We were not satisfied with the layout and overall condition of our previous office, and we immediately appreciated the quality of the Business Garden building and space, the additional benefits, as well as the flexibility in the layout of our new home. The opportunities offered by Business Garden far exceed all other offers in the area. In terms of features and amenities, the space is pleasantly reminiscent of offices I have worked in London, Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, and other European business capitals. The office is well received by our partners and clients, as well as our employees – since we moved into the Business Garden, I have seen a steady increase in cheerful energy among colleagues.”

Anora’s mixed-use office is decorated in subdued Nordic colours, its multifunctional meeting room also serves as a showroom for the famous Finnish vodka brand Koskenkorva, as well as a venue for bartender training. The company operates in a hybrid mode, with around 21 employees in the office on a daily basis. When it comes to the advantages of being a Business Garden tenant, Anora’s employees particularly highlight The Lounge. Imre Avalo explains: “The space gives me the opportunity to change the environment and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, which is great for productivity. In addition, The Lounge is ideal for events – we recently held an international management meeting with more than 50 people there. Everyone loved it.”

The new premises of Baltu koks at Business Garden are the first Riga office of the Liepāja-based group of companies. When choosing Business Garden, the group’s management was attracted by the possibility of easy access to the office from Kurzeme and the overall quality of the offer and additional amenities. “We were looking for a place where we don’t have to stand in traffic jams to do business,” says Jānis Siliņš, Chairman of the Board of Baltu koks Group of Companies. “As we work all over Latvia, the new office in Business Garden is our meeting place, which we eventually plan to turn into the Group’s management centre. That’s why we researched only the strongest offers on the market and chose the very best.”

The company’s representatives appreciated the modern working environment, the benefits of The Lounge, the well-maintained and professionally landscaped outdoor space, as well as the developer’s responsible approach, thinking through every detail and improving not only the inner courtyard of the office campus but the entire surrounding neighborhood. Baltu koks office is 154 m2 large and has 8 to 12 employees working there on a daily basis. The hybrid layout space includes an open-plan work area, two cubicles, a meeting room, a call room, and a kitchen. The interior has a modern Nordic vibe, achieved by the use of oak, light and dark grey colours.

All tenants were positively impressed by the professionalism, flexibility, and speed of Vastint Latvia’s working and communication style. Tenants highlighted the events and concerts organised by Vastint as a particular advantage, which not only bring business teams together for fun, but also allow them to integrate more closely into Business Garden’s international community.