Vastint Poland completed first phase of Business Garden Wroclaw

Vastint Poland has completed the first phase of Business Garden at Legnicka Street in Wroclaw and have now received a permit of occupancy. The new investment consists of three office buildings and a restaurant pavilion, surrounded by a big garden. In total 37,000 of the planned 110,000 m2 of leasing area were completed.

Business Garden Wroclaw is located in Fabryczna district within an area surrounded by the streets of Legnica, Dabrowki and Jaworska, in close vicinity to the shopping and entertainment centre Magnolia and the railway station Mikolajow.

With the planned target of nine office and service buildings, the first three were put into operation. Six-storey office buildings, sited on a common base of the underground garage, are designed as modular H-shaped buildings. The leasing space of one building is 10,700 m2, while the other two, connected by a shared catwalk, is 25,900 m2. The space between the buildings has a carefully planned garden, which includes relaxation, sport and work zones with access to Wi-Fi.

“The implementation of visual and functional design principles of the landscape architecture was divided into three stages of investment. It should be emphasized that most of the attractions have already been created, so our tenants can take full advantage of “green infrastructure” from the outset. The sport fields for badminton and basketball, beach volleyball playground filled with sand and a track for playing boules are at their disposal”, informs Marek Ulanecki, Leasing Manager Vastint Poland.

The complex will offer a number of additional amenities for the tenants. At first a canteen will be opened. The restaurant pavilion, with an area of approximately 1,000 m2, is located in the vicinity of the office buildings, at the intersection of the two main pedestrian streets in the central part of the garden. Along with development of the next stages of the project, the range of services will be enriched according to the needs and suggestions submitted by the tenants. The immediate plans include the opening of a kindergarten and a medical facility.

Key architectural and technical solutions implemented in Business Garden provide a comfortable and pleasant working environment. Water-saving systems, energy and control of the internal environment, and carefully selected construction materials meet the objectives of LEED certification. The ambition of the developer is to obtain a LEED Platinum certificate for three buildings.

“The first tenants will move into the complex in the spring of next year. It is a very successful project and I am confident that it will be highly rated by the future users. Looking at the interest from potential clients, both present in Wroclaw and those considering entering the local market, the decision to start implementation of the next phase of the project at the beginning of 2017 seems reasonable. We are planning three more office buildings, including the highest building in the complex with a height of 55 meters”, says Roger Andersson, Managing Director Vastint Poland.