Vastint Poland implements Ready Flex — a flexible option for renting individual office modules

Vastint Poland implements Ready Flex — a flexible option for renting individual office modules

Vastint Poland has expanded its offer with a new business solution — the rental of autonomous, fully furnished office space for small and large companies or their teams in a flexible option of short-term contracts.

Roger Andersson, Managing Director of Vastint Poland says: “By adapting our services to the changing needs of customers, we have introduced the possibility of flexible rental of independent, fully furnished and small offices that will complement or replace the headquarters and support the needs of employees. The offer is a perfect solution for dynamically growing companies, as well as for those who need additional space for a certain period of time or need to hire project workers for whom there is no place to work in the current office. The feedback from tenants, and especially the pace of commercialization of Ready Flex office modules, confirms the validity of the implemented solution.”

Ready Flex is not the same as the concept of a co-working space. Vastint offers ready-made offices that provide tenants with the independence of doing business without having to share the rented space with other people or companies. Modules with an area of 300 to 400 m2 have a reception area, offices, open areas, conference rooms, social facilities, and toilets. The flexible option of a short-term lease from 6 to 24 months allows you to enjoy your own, fully equipped office with access to numerous amenities offered by Vastint’s properties, previously available only to large tenants.

The first project to offer Ready Flex offices is Business Garden Wroclaw and Business Garden Warsaw. Soon, a similar offer will be launched at Business Garden Poznan and K2 in Gdynia, and eventually at other Vastint projects.

Marek Ulanecki, Senior Leasing Manager Vastint Poland comments: “In the Business Garden office complex in Wroclaw, we have prepared 1,400 m2 of space in the Ready Flex offer. 100% of the space was leased prior to its delivery to the market. The companies that decided to cooperate with us emphasize that the key element, from their point of view, was the combination of the advantages of immediately available and furnished space with the privacy provided by an independent unit. Currently, we are preparing further modules with the Ready Flex formula in the complex, which should be available by mid-2022.”