Vastint Poland will build a new office building in Gdynia

Vastint Poland will build a new office building in Gdynia

Vastint Poland has signed a contract with CFE Polska to execute and coordinate the construction of an office building with the leasable area of 11,400 m2 at 2 Kielecka Street in Gdynia. Ground breaking will begin at the start of the new year. The project is planned to be completed by mid-2022.

The most advantageous aspect of the project is its location. With convenient access to public transport services and to a number of important amenities, future employees will be able to effectively plan their days. The office building, which will bear the name “K2”, will be erected at the intersection of Kielecka Street and one of the main communication arteries in Gdynia – Śląska Street. Located nearby, the Fast Urban Railway station, St. Maximilian’s Hill, the bus terminus, and the Riviera shopping centre are all within walking distance.

The six-storey building’s form, architectural expression, and details refer to the architectural tradition of modernism. The modular, repetitive facade consists of white, curved profiles which make reference to the sails and ship architecture popular in Gdynia in the 1930s, otherwise known as the “Streamline Style.”

The lowest floor of the building will house a modern designed reception. Undoubtedly, the stylish lobby, with its informal and comfortable areas intended for cooperation and meetings, will be the project’s crowning feature. The two-story underground parking has been designed for 136 cars, while cyclists will have bicycle racks outside the building and changing rooms with showers in the garage.

The materials and technical solutions used ensure an above-average standard of office space. In addition, they will allow to achieve increased efficiency in terms of reduction of energy and water consumption as well as air quality control. The project will meet the LEED environmental certification requirements.

Maciej Kandybowicz, Leasing Manager at Vastint Poland, says: “The design of K2 was created in cooperation with the architectural studio APA Wojciechowski in Gdynia. During the design process, we primarily focused on the comfort of our tenants. The expected architectural standard was achieved thanks to a modern design, a well thought out plan for individual floors, and solutions that ensure a friendly and healthy work environment.”