Vastint Poland recently purchased the old Slaughterhouse area (Rzeźnia Miejska) of almost 5.5 hectares in Poznań. The historical city quarter will be transformed into a multi-use area where places of work, apartments and generally accessible public space will be located, while maintaining the post-industrial style of the former plant. The anticipated area of the future buildings amounts to approximately 70,000 m2.

“The initial urban planning concept provides for a combination of contemporary architectural solutions with the historical context of the place. The buildings from the turn of the 19th century – e.g. the main hall, boiler house, machine room and water tower -remain on the site; after the revitalisation some of them will constitute an attractive central part of the new concept. A generally accessible space to be created here will be used for commercial, artistic and exhibition purposes. The remaining part of the plot will be designated mainly for residential use with retail spaces. The work related to the preparation of the concept and design will take two years. I trust that the final concept will be given a warm welcome by the residents of Poznań”, says Roger Andersson, Managing Director Vastint Poland.

The property is located in the northern part of central Poznań within the area delimited by the following streets: Garbary, Grochowe Łąki and Północna. The meat factory was opened in 1900 and it was then one of the most modern plants of this kind in Europe. The plant was modernised after World War II, but in 1990s the production was transferred outside the borders of the city. Since then the buildings comprising the plant have not been used. The investment plans will newly define the functions and the shape of the historical city quarter.