Welcome to Business Garden: a new concept of reception area

Welcome to Business Garden: a new concept of reception area

Vastint Poland has introduced a new lobby concept in their Business Garden office complexes, developed in collaboration with the internationally recognised London studio, turnerbates Design & Architecture.

Roger Andersson, Managing Director of Vastint Poland, says: ‘Vastint sets itself apart from competitors with its new lobby concept, which reflects the innovative and welcoming essence of the Business Garden complexes. Alongside the surrounding gardens, the communal reception lobbies will be a distinguishing feature of our business parks. We are glad that the proposed style and functional layout of the new receptions has been so well received by our tenants.’

The initial brief for the design was to create informal, comfortable and relaxed zones within the reception area that encourage visitors to dwell in the space. The lobbies are now not only places that visitors pass on the way to their offices, but also for meetings, co-working and relaxing.

The pilot project was implemented in the lobby of one of the buildings of Business Garden Warsaw. The interior was filled with comfortable armchairs, oak work benches and free standing display credenzas. The traditional reception desk was replaced with a multi-purpose welcome desk supported by a digital check in kiosk and special zones which can be used by tenants and visitors as relaxed break or meeting spaces. Pictures painted by a local artist, inspired by one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw: Łazienki Królewskie, hang on the walls, as well as digital art by turnerbates Design & Architecture. A warm and welcoming atmosphere is further created with natural fabrics, wooden furniture and lighting that can be controlled via a mood set system to suit daytime and evening ambience.

Whilst there is a common design thread throughout the lobbies, the other six lobbies in Business Garden Warsaw are differentiated by changes in colour details and accessories, such as accessories, books and custom-made wall painting installations. The functional layouts of the lobbies also differ according to size and floor plan.

Howard Bates, Director at turnerbates Design & Architecture says, ‘For almost two years, we have been working together with Vastint on a concept that will replace existing traditional reception areas in the Business Garden complexes. We have managed to create comfortable spaces that will encourage tenants and their guests to enjoy a warm, friendly environment.’