Business in brief

We are part of the Vastint Group, an international real estate organisation with 35 years of experience. We have been active on the Dutch market since 1991.

We are a property company, characterised by our high-quality property products in excellent locations. Since our prime aim is to meet our tenants’ requirements, we develop solutions that meet the demand of the market.

It is important for us to listen carefully to our clients’ specific wishes and requirements and to respond appropriately to them. This could be by offering flexible solutions within our buildings which allow our tenants to expand or downsize the use of space, but also to adapt our existing buildings as much as possible to our clients’ wishes.

We are also keen to share our ideas on accommodation solutions for our clients if we are unable straight away to offer a suitable alternative from our existing portfolio, such as helping our clients to find an accommodation solution elsewhere.

Our organisation’s aim is two-fold:

  • to make every effort to satisfy and retain our existing tenants and clients.
  • to achieve autonomous growth of our portfolio through the acquisition of new properties and/or small to medium-sized portfolios.

Since we act as both the owner and manager of our properties, we have built up unique knowledge and experience in the property sector. Good value for money for our tenants is crucial in our aim to strengthen and expand our portfolio