Airport Village

Warszawa, ┼╗wirki i Wigury
Plot area 15 ha
Modern construction methods
Mix-used project
Recreation area
Concept based on Howard's idea of the Garden City

The 15-hectare investment site, located near the airport, will be transformed into a development with a diverse functional program. Careful analysis of the neighbourhood, traffic and acoustics resulted in an overall concept based on Howard's idea of the Garden City. There will be apartments, offices, restaurants, small service outlets, educational and medical facilities. The designed buildings will be loosely arranged and interspersed with greenery and recreation areas. A new local centre will be created - a place that is people-friendly, open, functional, and self-sustaining.

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The site next to the Warsaw airport provides good connectivity to all parts of the city through well-developed road connections, including expressways, and the highway. The plot is located entirely outside the area of airplane raids, so there are no noise emissions.

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