Business Garden Brussels Airport

Hermeslaan 1831 Machelen
Excellent location
Public transport
LEED Platinum
Office project in Brussels airport area

Vastint Belgium acquired the plot in 2021. The plot size is ~20.000m² with a development potential of ~36.000m² of offices and hotel. The plot offers an excellent visibility from the A201, as currently there are no existing buildings on it. Regional authorities are working on the execution of existing Masterplan to approve accessibility by public transport (by a new tram line between NATO – Brussels airport). We have recently applied for a permit to obtain 36.000 m² of office space and 725 parking spaces.

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The site is located next to Exxon Mobil headquarters in Machelen, along one of the main avenues between the ring road and Brussels city centre. The main business driver in the area is the NATO headquarters across the road, and the site is only a 7 min drive from Brussels airport (26,3 M passengers in 2019). In addition, there are several offices and corporate headquarters close by (IBM, Capgemini, ExxonMobil, Euro control, HP, Continental, Toyota etc.). The site can be easily accessed via car, tram and bus (future tram stop just next to plot).

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