Business Garden Bucharest, in top 3 LEED certified office buildings Worldwide

Business Garden Bucharest, in top 3 LEED certified office buildings Worldwide

Vastint Romania received LEED Platinum certification for the three Business Garden Bucharest office buildings, reaching the third highest LEED score Worldwide for building A, for Core & shell category, with 98 points and second place in Europe, followed closely by the other two buildings B & C. Business Garden Bucharest becomes the office project with the highest LEED score in CEE.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world, available for virtually all building, community and home project types, providing a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

Antoniu Panait, Managing Director, Vastint Romania: “This is an extraordinary achievement and it is a total reward for all our team’s work and effort. We are more than delighted to see that Business Garden Bucharest, the second project that we delivered in Bucharest has achieved the third highest LEED score Worldwide for building A and best certification score in Romania for the entire project, in the office building category. This result is the best payoff that we could get and it ensures our tenants that we deliver the high quality that we’ve promised.”

The projects delivered are defined by high standards of development in construction, Business Garden Bucharest, a 43.000 m² GLA project has been leased more the 65 percent, although the project was delivered in 2019, while Timpuri Noi Square has at this moment a 90% lease rate. Motivated by these results we will soon start the construction of an additional 50.000 m² GLA representing the second phase of Timpuri Noi Square and we are also in the process of defining the Sisesti residential project.

Obtaining LEED Platinum certification with one of the highest scores in Europe, shows recognition for the effort Vastint is making to bring sustainable projects to the market that reduce energy and water consumption as well as overall operational waste. We aim for the same high green certification standard for all our projects.”

Considering nowadays sustainability and environmental concerns, it is very important to prove, with the help of a worldwide acknowledged certification, that a modern building is able to provide efficient, comfortable and sustainable office space that saves energy, water and resources, generates less waste and supports human health. This reduces operational cost and boosts employee productivity and retention.

Employees working in Business Garden Bucharest benefit from a high indoor environment quality with a silent, healthy air conditioning and ventilation system, thermal comfort control, energy saving electrical equipment, full LED lighting and water use reduction technology. On top of that, the project has a large green area representing 30% of the project, suitable for the employees to enjoy the outdoor landscaping, but also have the option to enjoy the receptions with great common areas. Being located near multiple means of transportation allows easy access by subway or any other means of public transportation. Parking includes priority spaces and cyclist facilities that include both dedicated parking spaces, as well as showers and lockers.