Vastint has recently submitted an outline planning application for the first phase of their development at the former Tetley Brewery site.

Vastint’s wider vision for the area connects into Leeds Council’s wider South Bank masterplan and proposes a new city park stretching from the Aire to the academic quarter. Since buying the 8.1 hectares of land 18 months ago, Vastint has developed proposals for an initial first phase of 6.6 hectares of the former Tetley Brewery site which lies north of Crown Point Road, south of Waterloo Street and East of Meadow Lane. The remaining land south of Crown Point Road will be brought forward within the next year or so as Phase 2.

The team presented initial proposals for this first phase in 2016 and, following detailed consultation with stakeholders including Leeds City Planning Department, they have now developed the design to outline planning stage.

The design proposes a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood in the centre of the South Bank with a generous contribution to the proposed urban park at its heart. The aim of the scheme is to support the expansion of the city core, providing a vital link connecting the city centre with the Tetley and its creative neighbours, through to the education district and the communities to the south.

A major inspiration for the design was Leeds City Council’s vision to inject new life into this part of the city centre, with particular emphasis on a new park as the catalyst for transforming the area, as detailed in the “South Bank Planning Statement” (2011) and, more recently, in the “South Bank Leeds Framework Plan” (2016).

Andrew Cobden, Vastint UK Services’ Managing Director said: “When we bought the site we knew it had real potential. The park space was always going to be a key element of the project, and I am excited about the way its design and orientation brings light into the scheme. The design has a variety of flexible active and quiet areas, as well as new buildings that define its urban setting. The site offers a real opportunity to regenerate an historically-important site and this application offers the flexibility for our detailed applications to come forward on a plot by plot basis over the coming years. We look forward to working with the City Council and all stakeholders to see this application through to a successful approval later in the year.”